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At Nihon Cyber Defence (NCD) we see the impact that cyber-attacks and in particular ransomware attacks can have. Whilst it has been major ransomware attacks that have dominated the headlines, the reality is that an enormous range of organisations are being impacted.

This increase in the number and sophistication of attacks has been driven by Ransomware as a Service (RaaS), that has made sophisticated cyber tools available to a growing range of criminal groups.

Dealing with a major cyber incident

For an organisation’s senior management, a ransomware attack is a major test of leadership. At NCD we believe that is important that senior managers, who are often under immense pressure, are supported through an incident. We have therefore – at the suggestion of several organisations that we have helped – are launching a cyber security advice service.

The key elements of this service are that it is:

  • Confidential
  • Cost effective
  • Provides access to world-class cyber security experts
  • For anyone in a leadership position


The sole purpose of the NCD Advice Service is to help you recover from a Cyber Attack


The way that this service works is:

  • Companies that believe that they may have become the victim of a cyber-attack, contact NCD through our online portal (please do not use an email address that may have been compromised in the attack).
  • A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is quickly put in place to ensure complete confidentiality.
  • After an initial discussion with a native Japanese speaker, a secure video conferencing call will be set up between the company’s management and world-class cyber security experts who have dealt with many hundreds of cyber security incidents. This call can be in English or with Japanese translation.
  • During the call senior managers CEO’s, CIOs, CFO’s, CISO’s or anyone else who finds themselves in a cyber incident management leadership role will have the opportunity to ask questions of these experts. These can be general questions around best and poor practice or specific technical questions.

Asking the right questions

For senior managers who do not have a technical background we will equip you with the questions to ask of your Incident Response team. They could include:

  • Technical Understanding – How did the incident happen? Has the access and attack vector been identified and closed? Is the attacker off the network or still there? Is there still a risk of further attack
  • Mitigation – What is the damage? What data has been affected or exfiltrated. How do we deal and mitigate this?
  • Attribution and Investigation – Who was behind the attack? Why was the victim targeted? Is there an option to pay? Will we negotiate to identify the data exfoliated or to delay exposure? Do we know where the exposure will be … can we disrupt this? Can we recover the encrypted data? Should you involve law enforcement?
  • Regulatory– What action is required from the data protection authorities or financial regulatory authorities?
  • Comms – What is the internal and external Comms plan? Will this be protective or reactive (pending exposure)? How will we inform affected data subjects?
  • Resilience – What is the plan to rebuild our network securely and how can we re-establish customer confidence and commercial reputation?
  • Governance – What advice and guidance should be made available to the Board during an incident? How should the Incident be managed?
  • Support – What external support do you require? As importantly, what support do we not require? How do we manage the expense of this support?
  • Engagement with the hostile actors. Should we engage? What are the risks associated with paying the ransom? How should engagement be taken forward?

Whilst this is designed to be a one-off service, many of our clients have found our experts’ advice to be invaluable and ask us to remain engaged acting as a critical friend or to provide specialist technical services through the attack.

Other services

This service is in addition to our existing incident management response consultancy framework which covers:
  • Preparation– boards awareness, incident planning and exercising 
  • Monitoring – developing the deployment of the technical solutions pre and post in a cyber incident
We also provide a highly confidential service for organisations who believe that they may have been the victims of an attack involving an insider.


Our customers tell us that, having won the work, the major consulting companies use primarily junior staff to carry out the work. At NCD we only use consultants with many decades of experience.

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Latest Ransomware News

Disruptions to major European call center provider- Covisian after Conti Ransomware attack

On Saturday 18th of September 2021, GSS, the Spanish and Latin America division of Covisian was hit by a ransomware attack by the Conti ransomware gang. The attack led to them having to shut down a large portion of their IT systems and led to disruptions to call centers across its Spanish-speaking client base. Some of the impacted clients included

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IT systems of Crystal Valley Cooperative brought down due to ransomware attack

On the 19th of September 2021, Crystal Valley experienced a ransomware attack that led to them having to shut down their IT systems and resulting in payments being paid to the farm supply and grain marketing cooperative via Visa, Mastercard and Discover Credit cards were stopped. Currently it is unknown which ransomware group are behind the attack. “On Sunday, September

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BlackMatter Ransomware attacks New Cooperative for a ransom of $5.9 million

During the weekend of the 18th of September 2021, NEW Cooperative experienced a ransomware attack by the BlackMatter ransomware group. Currently the threat actors are demanding a 5.9-million-dollar ransom not to leak stolen data and provide a decryptor. The ransom will increase to $11.8 million if a ransom is not paid in five days. “New Cooperative recently identified a cybersecurity

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Bitdefender releases a universal REvil decryptor for past victims

The cyber security firm, Bitdefender has just released a universal decryptor for the REvil ransomware which will work for any victims who were attacked before the 13th of July. The decryptor was made in collaboration with an unidentified “trusted law enforcement partner.” This decyptor will enable victim who didn’t pay or couldn’t pay after REvil went offline following their attack

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South Africa’s Justice Ministry experiences delays to their services after ransomware attack

On 9th of September 2021, justice ministry of the South African government released a statement that the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development had experienced a security breach which was caused by ransomware on the evening of 6th September 2021. This attack led to all their information systems being encrypted and therefore unavailable to both internal employees as well as

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Grief ransomware gang threatens to delete decryption keys for stolen data if victims hire negotiators

On Monday 13th, an announcement has been released by Grief ransomware gang. They warn that they will delete their victims’ decryption keys if they are found to be hiring any negotiation firm which would lead to it being impossible to recover encrypted files. ” We wanna play a game. If we see professional negotiator from Recovery Company™ – we will

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