May 28, 2021

Lorenz ransomware group involved – Canada Post Ransomware

On May 19, 2021, Canada post, the primary postal operator in Canada had to inform several of its large commercial customers that a ransomware attack that hit one of its third service providers, Commport Communications had exposed the commercial companies’ customers shipping information. In total, the attack affected 44 of Canada Post’s commercial customers and over 950,000 receiving customers. In […]
May 26, 2021

Audio maker Bose discloses ransomware attack that exposes former employee data

On the 7th of March 2021, Bose Corporation detected the ransomware on their systems and immediately initiated their incident response protocols to activate its technical team with the goal of containing the incident. After containing the incident, Bose started an investigation of the incident and worked with its forensics experts to determine the data that may have been accessed and/or […]
May 18, 2021

Insurance Giant AXA – victim of Ransomware attack

AXA, which is one of the biggest insurance firms based in France, suffered a ransomware attack in mid-May at various branches in many countries including Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. This ransomware attack took place after AXA launched the statement that they will stop paying any kind of ransoms to the adversaries. It is believed that more than […]
May 14, 2021

Reports suggest that DarkSide had involvement with Toshiba subsidiary ransomware attack

On May 14th, 2021, European subsidiaries of the Toshiba Tec Group companies experienced a ransomware attack from the DarkSide ransomware group. After discovering the attack, the Toshiba Tec Group immediately shut down the networks and systems operating between Japan and Europe and its other subsidiaries in the hope of preventing the spread of the ransomware while deploying recovery measures after […]
May 13, 2021

Chemical distributor Brenntag pays $4.4 million to DarkSide ransomware Group

In May 2021, Chemical distribution company Brenntag suffered a ransomware attack that targeted their North American division. The attack was claimed by the DarkSide ransomware gang who states they have stolen 150GB worth of data. To prove their claims, DarkSide had published a private data leak page containing a description of the types of data stolen and screenshots of some […]
May 10, 2021

The US colonial pipeline attacked by a Ransomware

On the 8th of May 2021, Colonial Pipeline, the largest fuel pipelines in the United States, released a statement confirming they suffered a ransomware attack on the 7th of May 2021 and had taken the decision to shut down the operations in order to stop the malware being propagated to other machines on the network. The impact of the attack […]