June 9, 2023

HWL Ebsworth declare they won’t meet APLHV ransomware gang’s demands

On Friday 9th of June 2023, one of Australia’s largest law firms HWL Ebsworth confirmed to local media outlets that its network was hacked after the ALPHV ransomware gang began leaking data they claim was stolen from the company. The ALPHV ransomware gang has published 1.45 terabytes of data containing over a million documents allegedly stolen from the law firm’s […]
June 8, 2023

MOVEit extortion attacks claimed by Clop ransomware gang

The Clop ransomware gang has confirmed that they are behind the MOVEit Transfer attacks where they have been exploiting a zero-day vulnerability to breach servers belonging to “hundreds of companies” and steal data. It has been revealed that the gang had started exploiting the vulnerability on Saturday 27th of May 2023, during the US Memorial Day holiday. At this time, the […]
June 8, 2023

Japanese pharmaceutical giant Eisai discloses ransomware attack

On Tuesday 6th of June 2023, Eisai, a Tokyo-based pharmaceutical company Eisai disclosed it suffered a ransomware incident over the weekend that impacted its operations following the threat actors encrypting some of its servers. In response to the attack, Eisai has taken many of its IT systems offline to contain the damage and prevent the spread of the locker to […]
June 1, 2023

2.5 million individuals impacted following ransomware against Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

Last week, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care (HPHC), a Massachusetts-based non-profit health services provider released a data breach notice disclosing that a ransomware attack it suffered in April 2023 impacted 2,550,922 people, as well as the threat actors stealing their sensitive data from compromised systems. The notice revealed that the threat actors had maintained access to HPHC’s systems between March 28 […]