MOVEit extortion attacks claimed by Clop ransomware gang
June 8, 2023

HWL Ebsworth declare they won’t meet APLHV ransomware gang’s demands

On Friday 9th of June 2023, one of Australia’s largest law firms HWL Ebsworth confirmed to local media outlets that its network was hacked after the ALPHV ransomware gang began leaking data they claim was stolen from the company.

The ALPHV ransomware gang has published 1.45 terabytes of data containing over a million documents allegedly stolen from the law firm’s systems in April 2023. The gang have threatened to leak more if the company doesn’t meet their demands. However, on ABC, a spokesperson for the firm stated that they would not look to meet the gang’s demands, even if that means that they and their clients will have to suffer the consequences of the leaking of the stolen data.

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