Ransomware attacks in Japan are growing every day in number and sophistication – Nihon Cyber Defence is harnessing decades of Cyber expertise and experience to help you to protect your resources and to keep your reputation intact by analysing and validating your potential Ransomware attacks. Nihon Cyber Defence can guide you through all aspects of the Ransomware attack and the technical issues surrounding it. The Nihon Cyber Defence team has experience on the latest attacks in both the UK and the United States as well as recent Japan based attacks. Our research team keeps track of all recent attacks continually adding to our already extensive experience in the Ransomware arenas.

Ransomware Attack Help


"If an actor has deployed ransomware there is a strong possibility that they will still have access to your network and your email may be compromised. Any discussion about the incident in corporate email systems may encourage further attacks or action by the actors and we strongly encourage using alternative communication channels outside of the affected network to aid communication and recovery.”