At Nihon Cyber Defence (NCD), we have seen the impact that cyber-attacks and in particular ransomware attacks can have. Whilst there have been major ransomware attacks that have dominated the headlines, the reality is that an enormous range of organizations are being impacted.

This increase in the number and sophistication of attacks has been driven by Ransomware as a Service (RaaS), that has made sophisticated cyber tools available to a growing range of criminal groups.

The purpose of our Ransomware incident response service is to provide a personalized detailed plan on how to manage the incident involving any currently active ransomware that could have infected your system. This service also includes a highly expert group of advisors will help you tackle the incident in the best possible way.


Organizations that believe that they may have become the victim of a cyber-attack should contact NCD through our online portal (please do not use an email address that may have been compromised in the attack). After the initial discussion has been started, a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) will be put in place to ensure full confidentiality of the organization. This initial discussion can be done in either English or Japanese depending on the preference of the organization.

After the initial discussion has finished, NCD’s consultants will then assess the incident and organization’s systems to produce a personalized detailed plan on how to manage the incident. During this time, a secure video conferencing call will be set up between the organization’s management and NCD’s world-class cyber security advisors to help the organization to tackle the incident in the best possible way.

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