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November 24, 2021
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November 25, 2021

The National Privacy Commission in the Philippines announces that S&R Membership Shopping suffered a ransomware attack

On Wednesday 24th of November 2021, S&R Membership Shopping, a membership-only retail warehouse club chain in the Philippines announced they had suffered a ransomware attack which resulted in data being compromised. The announcement was made via the National Privacy Commission in the Philippines when the Commission was informed of the extent of the compromised data.

The National Privacy Commission revealed they were notified about the initial breach on November 15th when S&R discovered the security incident on November 14th. The Commission was informed that the incident had affected 22,000 data subjects which involved data on S&R members’ date of birth, contact number, and gender.Also, on Wednesday 24th of November, S&R released a statement where they claimed that contact information may have been compromised in a recent incident but they assured their members that credit card and other financial information were not compromised as they are protected by encryption measures.

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