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Singapore offshore vessel operator, Swire Pacific Offshore experiences ransomware attack by CL0P ransomware group

On Thursday 25th of November 2021, Swire Pacific Offshore (SPO), a Singapore offshore vessel operator confirmed they had suffered a cyber-attack might have resulted in the loss of confidential proprietary commercial information and personal information. They have not disclosed any specifics of the attack but the ransomware group, CL0P have released a listing on their leak blog where they have claimed to have gain accessed to Swire Pacific Offshore’s systems and have stolen data. The stolen data has been seen to includes data on:

  • Full names
  • Location data
  • Passport scans
  • Banking details
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Company names
  • Payment advice
  • Personal folders
  • Mailbox backups

“SPO has taken immediate actions to reinforce existing security measures and to mitigate the potential impact of the incident. It takes a serious view of any cyber-attack or illegal accessing of data or any unlawful action that potentially compromises the privacy or confidentiality of data, and will not be threatened by such actions,” Swire Pacific Offshore’s statement on the cyber-attack.

According to a statement released by Swire Pacific Offshore, the attack didn’t impact their global operations as they took immediate action to secure their systems and reinforce their implemented security measures as soon as they discovered the incident. They also stated that they have reported the incident to the relevant authorities and is contacting potentially affected parties to inform them about the incident.

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