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June 28, 2022
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June 29, 2022

Ransomware is believed to be the culprit for the cyber attack against Wiltshire Farm Foods

On Sunday 26th of June 2022, Wiltshire Farm Foods, a leading UK producer of frozen ready meals disclosed that its systems had been taken down after experiencing a serious cyber-attack. The incident has resulted in the company being unable to make deliveries to their customers and is unable to contact customers personally due to them not having access to their telephone numbers. Even though Wiltshire Farm Foods hasn’t released any further information about the incident, cyber security experts believed there is a high possibility that ransomware is the culprit.

Wiltshire Farm Foods has stated that they hope to get back on track by next week and are only offering deliveries from Monday, July 4th. Although Wiltshire Farm Foods is a relatively small UK manufacturer and therefore may seem like an incongruous target for ransomware, its parent company Apetito which is a German-based frozen food giant has reported revenues in excess of €1bn.

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