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January 24, 2022
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January 28, 2022

Provider for major tech companies, Delta Electronics suffer ransomware attack by Conti group

On Friday 21st of January 2022, Delta Electronics, a Taiwanese electronics company and a provider for major tech companies like Apple, Tesla, HP, and Dell, disclosed they had experienced a ransomware attack resulted in the encryption of 1,500 servers and 12,000 computers out of roughly 65,000 devices on Delta’s network. Although Delta has claimed that only non-critical systems have been affected and that the incident has not impacted their operations.

Delta has announced that they are working on restoring systems that were taken down by incident and they have stated they’ve hired third-party security experts to help with the investigation and recovery process while also notifying law enforcement agencies to assist with the follow-up investigation. Delta’s announcement didn’t not have any details on who was behind the incident but it is believed that the Conti ransomware group is behind the incident and have demanded a $15 million ransom for a decryptor and stop leaking files stolen from Delta’s network.

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