US federal bank regulators approve new rule ordering banks to report cyberattacks within 36 hours
November 19, 2021
Joint advisory released by FBI and CISA in preparation for the upcoming holiday season
November 22, 2021

Personal information leaked after Pacific City Bank hit by AvosLocker Ransomware

This week, Pacific City Bank, one of the largest Korean American community banking service providers in America, has disclosed that they experienced a ransomware attack that occurred on the 30th of August 2021.

The bank informed their clients of an incident and disclosed that the threat actors had obtained information from their systems including Loan application forms, Tax return documents, W-2 information of client firms, Payroll records of client firms, Full names, Addresses, Social Security Numbers, Wage and tax details.

Even though Pacific City Bank have not announced who was responsible for the incident, AvosLocker ransomware group have claimed the attack as one of their own and have published an entry on their data leak site. The files that have now leaked by AvosLocker show information that Pacific City Bank disclosed was leaked.

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