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June 30, 2022
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July 4, 2022

Macmillan Publishers’s systems were forced offline by a possible ransomware attack

On Monday 25th of June, the book publisher, Macmillan disclosed they had experienced a cyber-attack which has been believed to be a ransomware attack by experts as the publisher had initially stated that a portion of the company’s files had been encrypted and that they had taken protection measures by taking their systems offline to prevent further compromise.

Employees of Macmillan’s further confirmed on social media, that the incident had heavily disrupted the US side of the company which had resulted in the company being forced to close its New York head office as well as staff being unable to access emails or files, and customers are unable to order at the time of the incident.

No ransomware group has claimed the attack yet and Macmillan hasn’t confirmed any further information but experts do believe the evidence points to a ransomware attack.

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