Ontario family support charity learns of ransomware incident after threat actors send emails targeting clients
December 3, 2021
Nordic Choice Hotels IT systems impacted by Conti ransomware
December 7, 2021

Hundreds of SPAR stores across northern England closed after ransomware attack

On Sunday 5th of December 2021, approximately 330 SPAR stores in northern England experienced a ransomware attack that has led to many of the stores having to close or switch to cash-only payments. The affected stores experienced a total IT outage which resulted in tills, credit card payment processing systems, and emails being impacted.

Currently, it is unknown which ransomware gang is responsible for the incident and whether a ransom has been paid. UK’s national cybersecurity center (NCSC) released a statement to inform the public that they are aware of the situation and working on the evaluation of the incident.

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