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February 5, 2022
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February 8, 2022

Free decryptor released by Avast for TargetCompany ransomware victims

On Monday 7th of February 2022, Avast, a Czech cybersecurity software firm released a free decryption tool for TargetCompany ransomware victims. Although Avast has warned that the decryptor can only be used under certain circumstances as the process of using this decryptor is resource intensive and time-consuming. The TargetCompany ransomware decryptor works by cracking the password after comparing an encrypted file with its original unencrypted version.

“During password cracking, all your available processor cores will spend most of their computing power to find the decryption password. The cracking process may take a large amount of time, up to tens of hours” – Avast.

Although Avast has stated this process only need to be done once per each device encrypted by TargetCompany ransomware as the decryptor wizard allows for previously cracked encryption passwords to be entered by selecting the “I know the password for decrypting files.” The wizard also has the feature of creating a backup of the encrypted files just in case, anything goes wrong during the decryption process.

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